End of the Century: The Story Of The Ramones


This 2003 rockumentary on seminal New York punk band the Ramones is a real thrill from start to finish.

Directors Jim Fields and Michael Gramaglia spent years pulling together interviews, blistering live footage of the band at its peak and newer reflections from the band members and contemporaries to create what many see as the definitive celluloid tribute to the Ramones.

End of the Century follows the band through all their successes, drug addictions and bitter internal conflicts experienced over the course of their 20-plus year career before they finally disbanded in 1995.

The stark contrasts in personality of the individual band members is explored deeply, as well as the notorious conflict between Joey and Johnny that largely arose when the latter begun seeing Joey’s then-girlfriend Linda.

Before his death in 2004, Johnny remarked the documentary was so accurate it left him disturbed. A must watch for both Ramones fans and lovers of punk rock and its history.