Heaven Adores You


An intimate, contemplative exploration of the life and music of the late American rock musician Elliott Smith, Heaven Adores You is a fine tribute to the man.

Director Nickolas Rossi takes the viewer on a visual trip through the isolating landscapes of the three major cities that Elliott lived in during his short life — Portland, New York City, Los Angeles — and how they impacted on his life and songwriting as a solo-artist.

Heaven Adores You also assesses the seismic impact Elliott’s emotionally affecting music and honesty about his personal struggles (that ultimately led to his untimely death aged 34) continue to have on his fans, friends, and fellow musicians.

As well as excellent concert footage and conversations with Smith, Rossi’s doc features personal photos and interviews with those who knew him best: including Smith’s sister Ashley Welch, ex-girlfriend and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks member Joanna Bolme, recording engineer Larry Crane, Heatmiser drummer Tony Lash, Jon Brion, and Kill Rock Stars founder Slim Moon.

The documentary premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival on 5th May 2014 and went on to receive widespread critical acclaim. A fascinating and moving watch for fans of Elliott Smith.