No Direction Home


Renowned film director Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver, Goodfellas) turned to considerable talents to the documentary format again and excelled with his Bob Dylan picture No Direction Home.

Scorsese’s wonderful rock doc – which premiered in September 2005 – provides a unique insight into the early to mid-60s career of America’s most enigmatic singer and songwriter Bob Dylan during 5 tumultuous years.

In those years Dylan broke through to folk hero status, got labelled Judas for turning electric, and almost died in a bad motorcycle accident.

Dylan also gave Scorsese access to hours of previously unseen footage that had never been viewed publicly, including some stellar live performances, and insightful clips of Dylan recording some of his landmark albums from the period (of which there were many).

He also managed to coax Dylan into sitting down for an extensive new interview, and questioned a variety of people who worked with him during the period, including his ex-girlfriend Joan Baez and folk singer Pete Seeger.

No Direction Home was hailed by critics as an instant classic in the rock documentary genre. Highly recommended.