Lennon lived at Menlips from 1945 until 1963

The childhood home of John Lennon, 251 Menlove Avenue in Liverpool is an important part in The Beatles’ history.

The future working-class hero lived at ‘Mendips’ from 1945-1963, moving in to live with his Aunt Mimi and her husband George Smith from the age of five.

Lennon spent a full eighteen years at the 1930’s style semi-detached house, only leaving when Beatlemania really started to take off with the release of Please Please Me and With The Beatles in 1963.

It was here a young Lennon listened to his firs records and learnt to play guitar. According to Paul McCartney, it was also at Mendips that he and Lennon wrote ‘Please Please Me’, The Beatles’ first number one hit single. From that moment on, it is fair to say, popular music would never be the same again.

The house itself has been awarded with Grade II listed building status and is owned and maintained by the National Trust. Regular tours of The Beatles member’s former houses are provided by them, giving fans the chance to gain real insight into what life was like for the budding popular musical geniuses growing up.

Location: 251 Menlove Avenue, Woolton, Liverpool, Merseyside, England L25 7SA

20 Forthlin Road

McCartney and Lennon composed several early classics here

John’s long-time songwriting partner Paul McCartney lived at this address in the Allerton neighbourhood of Liverpool for much of his childhood.

The terraced house is a typical example of post-war council housing, and is where Paul, his younger brother Mike, father Jim and mother Mary lived from 1955.

McCartney’s mother tragically died when he and Mike were only in their teens and thus it was their father Jim who brought them up here after that terrible loss.

Jim encouraged the boys to learn music in this modest but welcoming home, and it was here that many early rehearsals for the pre-Beatles band The Quarrymen took place.

More significantly though, 20 Forthlin Road was where early Beatles classics such as ‘She Loves You’ and ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ were written and practised by the now legendary songwriting partnership of Lennon and McCartney.

The house is visitable as part of the brilliant Beatles houses tour led by the National Trust, 20 Forthlin Road is a must do for committed Beatlemaniacs.

Location: 20 Forthlin Road, Allerton, Liverpool , Merseyside, England L18 9TN

12 Arnold Grove

Harrison was born and lived here with his family

The Beatles’ much loved guitarist and multi-instrumentalist George Harrison was born at this modest address in the Wavertree area of Liverpool on 25 February 1943, during the Second World War.

Harrison lived down the cul-de-sac of Arnold Grove with his parents and three older siblings for around seven years before his family moved to a slightly bigger place in Speke in 1950.

He later recalled the absurdity of being born amidst the German bombing campaign of Liverpool, but credited the tightness of the house for the closeness of his his family.

It should be made clear that this house is not owned by the National Trust or open to the public as a museum, but is currently someone’s home, so it be very considerate if briefly visiting the area to have a look.

Location: 12 Arnold Grove, Liverpool, Merseyside, England L15 8HP

10 Admiral Grove

Ringo Starr lived here for 20 years

Though Ringo Starr was born on 9 Madryn Street in Dingle area of Liverpool, it was at 10 Admiral Grove that he spent the majority of his formative years.

Born Richard Starkey on 7 July 1940,  Starr – who was a sickly child – moved to 10 Admiral Grove with his mother Elsie after his parents broke up.

The young Starr lived at the address for twenty years until 1963 when Beatlemania really took off,  discovering his love of music (particularly skiffle and rock ‘n’ roll) whilst living there.

The drummer – who replaced Pete Best as stick man in The Beatles in 1962 – revisited the area for his 1970 solo album Sentimental Journey, whose cover art features The Empress public house where his mother worked as a barmaid.

Location:  10 Admiral Grove, Liverpool, Merseyside, England L8 8BH