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The “Figure 8″ Wall

(Elliott Smith Figure 8, 2000)

Creative Commons

Sadly, just over three years later from the release of  Smith’s fifth studio album, it would become the most prominent tribute site to the Nebraska born singer, following his tragic death in October 2003.

Though Smith has considerable links with the Portland music scene and resided there and in New York for many years before upping sticks to LA, the “Figure 8″ Wall became the undisputed site of pilgrimage for fans of his music, and those wishing to leave tributes and mourn their lost hero.

It is estimated that thousands have visited in the years since the singer’s death, leaving floral and written tributes, inscribing his lyrics on the wall, and taking photographic mementos recreating the album cover.

Unfortunately the wall has been the victim of gangs tagging it with graffiti as well as the written tributes, and has been repainted several times in attempt to restore it to its former glory.

Location: 4334 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA 90029

Featured image courtesy of Nserrano