6 Denmark Terrace

This unassuming house in North London was the place where the Davies brothers Ray and David (the Davies family’s youngest offspring and the only two boys out of eight children) spent most of the childhood years, and was where they first began to hone their considerable musical talents.

Yes, it was in the tight confinement of 6 Denmark Terrace that the impressionable Davies brothers learned to play guitar together, and where they were immersed in a variety of musical styles via their parents and sisters record collections that would influence their celebrated work, from the music hall their parents enjoyed to the jazz and early rock ‘n’ roll that their elder sisters preferred.

The Davies childhood home is situated in Fortis Green in the East Finchley area in the London Borough of Barnet.

Location: 6 Denmark Terrace, Fortis Green, London, England N2 9HG

The Clissold Arms

Directly across the road from the Davies brothers’ former home stands The Clissold Arms, a public house and restaurant that proudly bills itself as “the home of The Kinks,” and a venue that has long been associated with the band.

Not surprisingly given it was so close by to the family home, this traditional English pub served as the local of the Davies brothers’ father Frederick when they were growing up, and the fact that it served as the venue for Ray and David’s 1957 performance debut is gleefully commemorated on site with a gold plaque.

There is even a special Kinks room inside dubbed the “The Kinks lounge”, that features a range of impressive memorabilia ranging from signed photos, records, gig posters and a Muswell Hilbillies sign.

The Clissold has become more upmarket over the years and the food there is really good, yet still reasonably priced. A place well worth dropping by for Kinks fanatics, or even those in search of a pint or some great pub grub.

Location: 105 Fortis Green, East Finchley, London, England N2 9HR

Website: www.clissoldarms.co.uk

Konk Studios

After achieving a great deal of commercial and critical success by the early 1970s with hit singles like “You Really Got Me” and “Lola”, The Kinks were rich enough to open up their own recording studio (and an ill-fated record label).

Konk studios was opened in 1973, to begin with as an exclusively private space for the band, and The Kinks began recording the first of the two Preservation Act records there soon after.

A few years later the band began to welcome other acts into the studio to record, with the likes of Thin Lizzy and the Bee Gees quick to accept the invitation to utilize the studios.

Konk studios is situated in Hornsey, at a site not far from their old stomping ground of Muswell Hill. Its Neve studio boasts excellent acoustics, as well as a large collection of vintage mics, a custom-made 1974 Neve console used on Pink Floyd’s The Wall and other essential recording equipment. There is also a wood-panelled main live room and various booths for the ideal band tracking environment.

There is also the SSL Mix Room which houses an SSL 6000E desk and has been used to mix hit records since the early 1980’s.

Many famous bands and artists have recorded there since it opened its doors in 1973, including Elvis Costello, The Stone Roses, Blur, Arctic Monkeys, The Fall and The Kooks (pictured right), who even named their album after it. It is now one of London’s longest running privately owned studios.

Location: 84-86 Tottenham Lane, London, England N8 7EE

Website: www.konkstudios.com

Archway Tavern

The imposing Archway Tavern, which appeared on the album sleeve of The Kinks’ Muswell Hillbillies in 1971, looms over the recently pedestrianised Navigator Square in North London, right by the Archway London Underground Station.

The Tavern has sadly been closed since its most recent incarnation as a rock venue named The Intrepid Fox in 2014. But since the area has been given a major upgrade there have been persistent rumours – particularly from local residents aware of its cultural significance – that the venue could reopen in something close to its original form.

As of March 2018, the top floor of the building is operating as a nightclub venue called Koli’s and rooms on the second floor are also let out by 101 Estates.

Location: 7 Archway Road, London, England N19 3TX