9. Bruce Springsteen Born To Run

(Columbia, 1976)

It would have been churlish to omit the Boss’s classic ode to highway escapism, Born To Run, from this list.

From the opening blasts of harmonica and piano that kick of the moving ‘Thunder Road’, everything about the album is the right side of grandiose.

There are no half measures here, as Bruce and the E Street Band throw everything into the mix. The epic ‘Backstreets’ powers along on a memorable piano line, while ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze Out’ remains the grooviest thing Bruce has ever committed to tape.

And then there is the title track: the chrome-wheeled escape to the highway anthem that made Bruce an international star.

Though much of Springsteen’s output is a good accompaniment to the American highway (we recommend the spare vignettes of Nebraska, sprawling double LP The River and hit factory Born In The U.S.A.), Born To Run is still the original and best.

Try also: Bruce Springsteen Nebraska (Columbia, 1982). Born In The U.S.A. (Columbia, 1984). The River (Columbia, 1980).