11. Japandroids Celebration Rock

(Polyvinyl, 2012)

Though it was only released in 2012, Japandroids’ Celebration Rock should become an on the road staple for exuberant adventures worldwide.

There are few records that tick as many boxes as this one for a road trip. Soaring rock anthems? Check. Sing-along choruses? Check? Daft lyrics about women, hell and good vs. evil? Check.

What Japandroids lack in lyrical and musical subtlety they more than make up for in sheer noise and energy. If ‘The Night Of Wine And Roses’ and ‘Fire Highway’ don’t get you singing along and tapping your foot incessantly, then nothing will.

Guitarist/singer Brian King and drummer David Prowse play with such love of what they do it is tangible and endearing. The Vancouver duo have even admitted they make albums so that they can tour the world, rock audiences and party until the early hours.

Close to being the perfect record for late-teens or twenty-somethings about to hit the road on an epic adventure. The clue’s in the title.

Try also: Japandroids Post-Nothing (Polyvinyl, 2009).