12. The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin

(Warner Brothers, 1999)

The Soft Bulletin is an uplifting and enthralling record. Wayne Coyne and cohorts (with a special nod to producer David Fridmann) created a masterpiece of psychedelic, space rock that is as sonically daring as it is immediately catchy.

Coyne’s surreal lyrics and passionate vocals complement the music perfectly, and the tracks on The Soft Bulletin flow seamlessly into one another.

From the breathtaking ode to brave scientists ‘Race For The Prize’ and emotionally powerful ‘A Spoonful Weighs A Ton’ and ‘Waitin’ For A Superman’, the highlights on the LP are numerous.

A heady mixture of perfect pop and fearless innovation, the multidimensional, layered sound of The Soft Bulletin will rock your socks as well as your speakers. Oh, and the cover photograph is of Jack Kerouac’s legendary travelling companion Neal Cassady.

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