1. Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited

(Columbia, 1965)

Recorded during Bob Dylan’s first decade of unparalleled brilliance, Highway 61 Revisited encompasses everything from garage rock, blues and elaborately orchestrated folk across its nine classic songs.

The epic rocker ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ should need no introduction even to the most casual music fan, but the stunning ‘Queen Jane Approximately’ and lengthy album closer ‘Desolation Row’ might. Making the most of having a full band at his disposal, Dylan unleashed several songs that rocked harder than any he’d previously released, including ‘Tombstone Blues’ and ‘From A Buick 6′.

The lyrics are as impenetrable as they would ever be, and Dylan set the bar so high on this record that it was almost inevitable he would occasionally stumble in the decades that followed.

A remarkable LP even by Dylan’s standards, and a landmark record in rock ‘n’ roll history.

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