26. ‘Motor Away’ by Guided By Voices Motor Away

Though it is just one of many gems found on the band’s sublime Alien Lanes LP, the anthemic, lo-fi garage rock of  ‘Motor Away’ is an indisputable GBV classic, and a must for the road. Built on a electrifying Mitch Mitchell lead riff, the song is propelled into the stratosphere by its thumping drumbeat and prolific frontman Robert Pollard’s rousing chorus. The fervent calls from Pollard to hit the accelerator are duly met by the band, as a chaotic finale of pure guitar noise sees the song cross the finish line in triumph. In its thrilling two minute run, ‘Motor Away’  perfectly captures the freedom and sense of abandon felt when first hitting the tarmac on a crazy road trip.

Available on: Guided By Voices Alien Lanes (Matador, 1995).