29. ‘Fire’s Highway’ by JapandroidsCelebration Rock

The second track on their exultant 2012 sophomore effort Celebration Rock, Japandroids’ ‘Fire’s Highway’ is a thunderous piece of rock ‘n’ roll  that is practically crying out to be played out on the road. As ever the Vancouver duo keep things simple and D.I.Y. musically (there’s no discernable studio trickery here), whilst Brian King’s melodic but thumping power chords and David Prowse’s  propulsive drumming making the song a real driving force. The lyrics tell a frankly ridiculous tale of a “hearts from hell” meeting between an northern soul and southern belle.  The heathens appear to have dreams and restless fears sated whilst the sing-along chorus and bridge are punctuated with  “whoa-oh ohs” and “oh yeahs” throughout. The thrilling and positively uplifting ‘Fire’s Highway’ is tailor-made for those teenagers or twenty-somethings planning on filling up their cars with fuel for an spontaneous summer road trip.

Available on: Japandroids Celebration Rock (Polyvinyl, 2012).